Yonkers Parking Authority
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YPA Facilities

Name Address Spaces/Meters More Info
Abe Cohen 70 Pier St.


Ardsley Intersection of Nepperhan & Old Nepperhan 19/0
Permit Only
see schematic
Belmont Belmont Ave.,off of Yonkers Ave.
see schematic
Broad Street Bronx River Rd.,Midland Ave.
72/17 see schematic
Cacace South Broadway near Nepperhan
132/Multi-Space see schematic
Caryl Caryl Ave.and Saratoga Ave. 68/10 see schematic
Centuck Central Ave.,Tuckahoe Rd. 30/30 see schematic
Crescent Yonkers Ave.,Crescent Pl. 16/0 see schematic
Engine Pl.
Palisade Ave., James St. 77/77 see schematic
Getty Square Nepperhan Ave., School St. 335/Multi-Space
see schematic
Glenwood Glenwood Ave., Ravine Ave. 55/10 see schematic
Harriman Harriman Ave., off of Warburton 53/0 see schematic
Highland Highland Ave., off of South Broadway 27/27 see schematic
Hudson Hudson St., Riverdale 59/40 see schematic
Lawrence Street Lawrence St., off of South Broadway 13/0 see schematic
Lennon Lake Ave. 31/31  
Lockwood Corner of Saw Mill River Rd., Lockwood Ave. 48/48 see schematic
Morris Morris St., South Broadway 66/Multi-Space see schematic
New Main Street Corner of New Main St., Nepperhan Ave. 13/11  
Nepperhan Ave., Ashburton Ave. 8/8 see schematic
Chanfrau (Nepp #2) Nepperhan Ave., Chanfrau 71/18 see schematic
Myrtle (Nepp#3) Nepperhan Ave., Myrtle Ave. 22/5 see schematic
Moquette Row
Nepperhan Ave., Moquette Row 16/16 see schematic
Orchard (Nepp#5) Nepperhan Ave., between Orchard and Lake 73/16 see schematic
Park Hill Parkhill Ave., New Main St. 65/Multi-Space
see schematic
Potomac Saw Mill River Rd., Potomac 9/0 see schematic
Radford Radford, South Broadway 57/57 see schematic
Rockledge Rockledge, Valentine Lane 54/54 see schematic
Romaine South Broadway, McLean Ave. 49/34
see schematic
Saw Mill/Old Nepperhan Saw Mill River Rd., Old Nepperhan Ave. 26/9 see schematic
South Broadway South Broadway, Near St. Andrew's Pl. 18/18 see schematic
St. Anthony Willow St. 48/13 see schematic
Torre Place Torre Pl., Nepperhan Ave. 64/13 see schematic
Tuck Tuckahoe Rd., Saw Mill River Rd. 24/24 see schematic
Walsh Palisade Ave., Roberts Ave. 24/24 see schematic
Walnut Yonkers Ave., near Walnut St. 8/8 see schematic
Buena Vista Garage
8 Buena Vista Ave. 610/Pay-Station
Government Center Garage 118 New Main St., Nepperhan Ave.



Parkadrome Garage Ashburton Ave., across from General Hospital 258/Hospital Attendant