Yonkers Parking Authority
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The Yonkers Parking Authority (Authority or YPA) operates as an independent public benefit corporation, which under civil service laws maintains over 3,000 street meters and forty parking facilities throughout the City of Yonkers. The policies for the Authority are set by a Board of Directors consisting of a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and two members. The Authority works very closely with business associates and Business Improvement District (BID) members and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce.


The Yonkers Parking Authority has been recognized for integrating cutting edge technology that has been both cost effective and user friendly for the citizens of Yonkers. The Authority was also the first to implement the free ten minute button on single space meters as a convenience to parkers. The YPA was acknowledged for this achievement and received various awards from the National Parking Association (NPA), the International Parking Institute (IPI) and the New York State Parking Authority (NYSPA).


The Yonkers Parking Authority operates by using multilevel departments in order to remain self-sufficient. The YPA graphics department produces high quality signage in the downtown area for the City of Yonkers and BID members. The counting department provides totals of coins collected from meters daily; the maintenance and meter repairmen handle most in house and parking revenue repairs.


Yonkers Parking Authority employs a diverse workforce that has the opportunity to grow professionally through training offered by the Authority. In March 2007, YPA employees receive training to become state certified security officers. In addition, the Maintenance Department, Collections and Meter Repairmen as well as the Administrative Staff have gone to various workshops are always encouraged to take exams offered by the City of Yonkers civil service department. The Authority hires several volunteers from the Youth Employment Center during the summer to help with the busy season ahead with the re-striping and clean-up of the lots.

Looking Ahead:

The Authority has upgraded its website and permit systems in the early fall of 2007 to enable customers to renew their permits online, allow them access to calendar events, information on equipment upgrades and parking facility vacancies and projects.

The Authority is constantly updating their systems to keep up with technological advancements that facilitate services to customers and maximize efficiency to operate on a leaner budget.